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Jan 22, 2013 8:00am EST
had columbine, his entire package fell flat. >> congressman, you had an a rating from the nra. >> right. >> and you actually voted for reducing the waiting time for buying a weapon from three days to one day. >> right. >> do you think that we're at a ing point, that there will be some kind of a seismic change? >> yeah, i do. since the topic is politics and guns, i would as a parenthetical that a lot of people widely credit the 1993 crime bill for the reason that the republicans took the majority for the first time in 40 years. so it really has a lot to do with the politics. and i'm very grateful to be at the university of chicago, another note. i think only in chicago could you have something called the nonpartisan bipartisan center for politics with david axlerod and rahm emanuel. [laughter] >> that's a whole different story. >> we had to come back as bipartisan in this city. >> oh, you do? [laughter] if you go so far to the right, you basically come back to the left. >> but i think the conversation's changed since newtown, and i will tell you that -- and this goes to i don't
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm EST
if they stand with us in trying to reduce gun violence. we do not have to be afraid of the radical nra. i say that because there are many gun owners in this country that are good citizens. there are very big atrocities are happening. we are here to do the right thing. this will begin another losing battle. we cannot afford to lose another battle. we have common sense issues to stop gun violence, holistically and when it comes down to it, the assault weapons are made to our police officers and our military and they have no right to be on the street. and they do not. we know that we can't save every single life. i was a nurse for many years before i came here in the best of the best couldn't save every single life. that doesn't mean that we couldn't try to do as much as we could save those lives. there are people who really care about this issue and who have been fighting this issue for longer than me. victims that i haven't seen in 10 or 15 years. victims still out there fighting. this time it is different. it has to stop. we are americans we are all better than that. and we cannot allow a gro
Jan 25, 2013 9:00am EST
of the state legislature and was expressly supported by the nra and the california sportsman's association, and others. what the program does is allow the department of justice to establish an electronic database, that cross-references the firearms registry that i mentioned earlier with databases of our criminal history records, the domestic violence databases as well as the mental health records. and that allows us to create a list of people who are both armed and prohibitive. which is unique in the nation. there is no other state in the nation who is doing this. and so it allows us to capture people who have purchased weapons and then subsequently become prohibitive as a result of a felony arrest or a mental health issue. in 2005, that program went on line and would begin distributing this data to local law enforcement agencies with the hope that it would be enforcement of the apps program. it turned out that because of all of the fairest law-enforcement priority that local agencies have it was not greeted with and so we decide within the department of justice to create our own enforceme
Jan 14, 2013 12:00pm EST
for reinstating the assault weapons ban. but there's been fresh opposition from the nra, and even harry reid has said he questions whether it could pass congress. given that, how hard will you push for an assault weapons ban, and if one cannot bass congress, what other -- pass congress, what other measures would need to be included in order to curb gun violence successfully? >> well, as i said, the vice president and a number of members of my cabinet went through a very thorough process over the last month meeting with a lot of stakeholders in this including the nra, listened to proposals from all quarters, and they've presented me now with a list of sensible, common sense steps that can be taken to make sure that the kinds of violence we saw at newtown doesn't happen again. i'm going to be meeting with the vice president today. i expect to have a fuller presentation later in the week to give people some specifics about what i think we need to do. my starting point is not to worry about the politics, my starting point is to focus on what makes sense, what works. what should we be doing to make s
Jan 14, 2013 8:30am EST
groups which are distinct from but not necessarily disagree with the gun owner groups from the nra and others, but they have a different perspective if they include association of fish and wildlife, bluewater strategies, outdoor association, et cetera. yesterday we met with gun owners ranging from groups from the defense of small arms advisory council headed by retired major general, firearms and export roundtable, the independent firearms owners, nra, et cetera. and is actually difference among them as well. it's not a uniform view. and we also met with retailers, because they are a part of this potential solution because of background checks and like, all the box stores and sporting goods operations who sell of awful lot of weapons. and we met with your colleagues in hollywood yesterday. the entertainment industry, but you are entertaining as well. but the entertaining industry, film and broadcasters. and we will be meeting with technology experts, because to overstate the case, but a lot could change if for example, every gun purchase could only be fired by a person who purchase
Jan 18, 2013 12:00pm EST
laws and those kind of questions and attitudes about perception about the nra and relatively little information in the early weeks no information about americans attitude support for specific policy proposals, and i think that in this really fast pace environmental policy deliberations over this issue with its critical to understand how the public thinks about the specific proposals to strengthen the gun law. we live in a democracy we should care about what our public thinks and bring our best research methods available to bear. bill level of support and the population overall but also to understand how support may very across important sub groups across the society and so this is what we did. we tried to -- we designed a survey data collection and tried to determine support for 33 policies among americans over all with party identification and to look at the gun ownership must of the survey work that is done is the typical thousand person paul and it's hard to get precise estimates. we are using that approach for smaller subgroups within the sample of gun owners and non-gun owners.
Jan 24, 2013 9:00am EST
on about this issue, the advocacy organization called the national rifle association is not the same n.r.a. that grew up representing the interests of hunters and sportsmen. it has become an advocacy group for gun manufacturers that want to sell more of their manufactured products. so it becomes an economic issue to people instead of one of common sense and moderation. and we need to draw that distinction. this organization, the n.r.a., has gone to the extreme, not only what we saw as their response to the elementary school killing in connecticut, but they have gone to the extreme in my state of advocating in the state legislature, of getting in between the doctor-patient relationship as to what a doctor can inquire about with regard to a patient, with regard to a wound that might have come from a gunshot. this is extremism in the extreme. we ought to call it for what it is as we are debating this issue. moderation and common sense is the answer to this issue that is facing us. mr. president, i yield the floor and i want to thank my colleague from rhode island for his courtesy extended. mr
Jan 30, 2013 5:00pm EST
to camp david for a contest. your reaction? >> i have not. [laughter] >> the nra's wayne lapierre has refuted the idea that universal background checks would make a difference, in part pointing to the administration's record of not prosecuting those who have found it a legally purchased guns. what's the administration's response? >> it's a logical fallacy to suggest the unit also background checks will make a difference. we absolutely have to enforce the law and we need to improve our background check system. that is an issue on which the nra and wayne lapierre is in a distinct minority. so i also can tell you everyone here disheartened to see gabrielle giffords testify today. she and her husband will be with the president is looking forward to. >> when is the president going to speaking out on that? >> well, he will continue to make this a priority and you'll hear from him on this issue in the future, but it had a scheduling schedule announcements to make. >> will he appear publicly with gabrielle giffords this afternoon? >> i don't have that expectation. is that forward to her. >> j
Jan 18, 2013 5:00pm EST
who feel like they have to work hard for their nra a+ ratings would maybe feel less like that is necessary if they had another group of gunowners who could validate what they can civil to be regulations on firearms. as has been alluded to, but we will go into more detail tomorrow, the vast majority of gun owners are supportive of most of the measures that we are talking about here. and i think that's the most critical thing. again, a politician being able to say that they are doing something that the gunowners agree with. because they don't want to alienate gunowners who vote. >> i have a question. i just got a documentary on saturday called the house that i live in about the war on drugs and it talks about how there have been like 45 million arrests and a trillion dollars spent on that war. what impact do you think the war on drugs has had ongoing violence? a lot of accidents happen -- any thoughts on the war on violence and gun violence issue? >> i will just try to give a brief response to that. there has been some different things looked at in regards to anti-gun traff
Jan 9, 2013 12:00pm EST
that question to the. >> i want to get followup on the nra. is there a belief that the nra will be a hurnld to new gun legislation. how does the president plan to get around that? >> i don't want to and the president doesn't want to rejudge the action of organizations of groups who are stake holders in this discussion. he hopes that in the after math of newtown that, you know, we are in a place that appropriate action both legislative and through other means can be taken and will be supported broadly. you certainly have seen with the number of the measures that the proposed legislation represent, there is broad support of publicly for those kinds of action. and broad support among gun owners, broad support of the members of the very organization that you mentioned. so we'll have to see what happens as the process moves forward. the president will certainly push for passage of the legislation he supports. but obviously congress has to act when it comes to legislation, and we all as a nation need to make sure our voices are heard when it comes to our position on the kinds of measures sensible
Jan 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
of the nra and the gun manufacturers and so on to face these people before in various states in california and new jersey and other states and we won and we can win again, and cheeks constituencies, every constituency to be involved with this the face community, seniors, students and so on, but i agree with you. now is the time for all those constituencies to come together and to start working for change. and i think -- i agree with you that it is time to do it. >> bryan miller runs an organization called keating and broad's call and the organization called a cease-fire new jersey, and it was bryan miller who is actually the individual that about the law passed in new jersey quite some time ago that said as soon as the first child for four personalized using those to some honestly the gun is available on the market that three years from that date all new handguns sold in new jersey would have to be child for four personalized. take that with what i've said about robert mcnamara's gun, about armtek and that's why i tend to have optimism that we are going to see new jersey's all getting trig
Jan 15, 2013 5:00pm EST
the time. >> yesterday the nra put out a new ad that is for children as an it to cut young as age four according to its rating that allows children to get to a shooting range and fire. given the conversation with the gaming industry, do you think that is appropriate? >> i have heard about this, but i have not had a conversation with the president about it. i really have not seen what you're referring to. >> i think that these are good questions. and i think some of the answers we don't know in terms of what the impact and influence applications and video games and entertainment have, but that is why the vice-president had some of the meetings that were had and this conversation does not end tomorrow. it continues. and, you know, i think for parents around the country these are issues that merit examination, and as a country, these are issues that merit examination. and some of the issues that are presented here are not ones that are solvable by washington action, necessarily. they are more of that nature that pinned to the will of community feelings and parental guidance and the like.
Jan 15, 2013 12:00pm EST
not to the nra we would never have access to read and more guns would have flowed onto the streets, and in all likelihood, more people would have been murdered. the undercover investigations we conducted were just one example of how we work to crack down on gun violence. had our urging of new york state legislature enacted the toughest penalties in the nation for illegal possession of a handgun 83 in the half year mandatory minimum prison sentence we also worked with our city council to adopt a law enabling the nypd to keep tabs on gun offenders in the city just as they track sex offenders. we on enforce those laws and others rigorously and that is a reason why new york is the safest city in the country. in the years that ended, new york city had the fewest murders in nearly half a century. income terrible records they decided to be kept back in 1963 we've never had a year remotely as the year we just had. as hard as we worked our free and as hard as we have achieved, the reality remains that during 2002 there was still 418 murders in new york city, and a lot of the people that were killed wer
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13